Welcome to the Future of Media Sharing

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Welcome to the Future of Media Sharing

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We are STILL using Technology Invented in the 1990s

What is Flash Crystal? See how it works on Youtube below!


Step 1: Enable NFC

Enable NFC on your mobile device through “Settings” -> "Wireless and networks" -> "NFC"

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Flash the Flash Crystal

Step 2: "Flash" the Crystal

Place the FC on the back of your device. Move the crystal to find the “sweet spot" at the NFC transceiver

See How it's Done!
Wait for Activation

Step 3: Wait for Activation

When the NFC is recognized, you will hear a connection sound and you can select the desired action

Hear the Sound!

Step 4: Enjoy your Media!

Your device will be send you directly or be prompted to download media directly to your mobile device

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Flash Crystal IS the Future

We Bring the Digital Back to the Physical

Flash Crystal: The Future and Next Generation of Music Sharing

Developed by Crystal Innovations, Inc., Flash Crystals are crystalline-encased, portable wireless communication platforms which enable the direct transmission of media from the internet to any enabled mobile device.
Independent artists have been utilizing Flash Crystals to distribute their music instead of using anitquated compact discs, USB enabled flash drives and QR-code enabled CD covers.
Entreprenuers and innovative business leaders have been utilizing Flash Crystals to quickly share their business cards (vCards) and social media links without the need for cardstock or paper.
Flash Crystals are currently exclusively available for use on NFC enabled devices.  Stay tuned for our next generation of products.

Benefits and FAQs

Why FC?

There are a number of clear benefits for using FCs (Flash Crystals) instead of CDs and USBs 

Flash Crystals are…

… are easier to distrbute to your target audience
… can be flashed and reused infinite times
… can be enabled to have their usage tracked geophysically
… can be enabled to have their usage analytics downloaded for royalty disbursement and also for market research purposes


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the storage capacity of the device?

Flash Crystals only hold small amounts of data – such as a URL – which instruct the mobile device to fetch data from the internet. Onboard data is limited to less than 32 KB however the data that is fetched from the URL (internet) is limitless.


Are Flash Crystals powered?

No, Flash Crystals are passive, meaning they have no power source. Instead, they draw power from the mobile device that reads them through magnetic induction. When a crystal gets close enough to a mobile device, they are energized by the device and thus providing the power to transfer the data from the crystal to the mobile device.


Does it work for files that aren’t music related?

Yes. It all depends on the URL programmed into the device. For example, if you order Flash Crystals which point the URL to a powerpoint presentation in your DropBox(TM), once flashed, the mobile device will download that file from the internet to the device for viewing.


Can I upload my own content to a flash crystal (i.e is it rewriteable?)

No. Currently, all Flash Crystals will be programmed by Crystal Innovations, Inc. to prevent distribution of malicious software. In the future, a FC-RW package will be distributed.

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