We are still using media technologies that were invented in the 1980’s


The problem is these devices are not compatible with our mobile devices.  We want our media fast and we want it to come to our mobile devices.  If not, forget it.


Flash Crystal™ is the future of Digital media sharing and music distribution 


What we do

At Crystal Innovations Inc, we believe that music should be easily accessible for the listener and financially beneficial for the artist. We also believe in building authentic relationships between artists and their audience. In comes Flash Crystal. Flash Crystals are small, portable, crystal devices that can be used to initiate the wireless transfer of various types of media including music, documents, photos, portfolios, and direct contact information.



How it works




First, enable the NFC feature on your mobile phone or tablet through “Settings” -> “Wireless and networks”> “NFC”



Make sure you NFC feature is turned on.


“Flash” the Crystal or move along the back of the NFC enabled phone or tablet. Depending on the model, the NFC receiver may be towards the top or bottom of the phone or tablet


You will hear a connection sound and see the Flash Crystal page pop up momentarily as your device is activated by the crystal.  

IMG_3139 (1)

Allow your mobile web browser to load the programmed URL/Website or a prompt to download media directly to your mobile device.


There is a customized QR code on the back of the Flash Crystals for devices that are not NFC enabled.  Simply scan the Flash Crystal using a QR code reader and access the information from the FC.



Why FC?

There are a number of clear benefits for using FCs (Flash Crystals) instead of CDs and USBs 

Flash Crystals are…

… easier to distribute to your target audience
… can be flashed and reused infinite times
… can be enabled to have their usage tracked geophysically
… can be enabled to have their usage analytics downloaded for royalty disbursement and also for market research purposes

Business Development
Share Professional Portfolios
Share Business Contact Information
Share Social Media Accounts
Share Project Files
Digital Strategy

Share Your Company’s Website
Share Marketing and Promotional Content
Share Pictures, Music, and media files

Share Online Shopping Sites
Share Product Catalogs
Share Purchase Orders
Promotional campaigns