What is the storage capacity?

Flash Crystals only hold small amounts of data – such as a URL – which instruct the mobile device to fetch data from the internet. Onboard data is limited to less than 32 KB however the data that is fetched from the URL (internet) is limitless.

Are Flash Crystals powered?

No, Flash Crystals are passive, meaning they have no power source. Instead, they draw power from the mobile device that reads them through magnetic induction. When a crystal gets close enough to a mobile device, they are energized by the device and thus providing the power to transfer the data from the crystal to the mobile device.

Does it work for files that aren’t music related?

Yes. It all depends on the URL programmed into the device. For example, if you order Flash Crystals which point the URL to a powerpoint presentation in your DropBox(TM), once flashed, the mobile device will download that file from the internet to the device for viewing.

Can I upload my own content to a flash crystal (i.e is it rewritable?)

No. Currently, all Flash Crystals will be programmed by Crystal Innovations, Inc. to prevent distribution of malicious software. In the future, a FC-RW package will be distributed.

Do they work with iphone?

Yes.  There is a customized QR code on the back of the Flash Crystals.  Simply scan it with your device using a QR code reader and access the information from the FC.   If you do not have a QR Code reader, you can download  one for free from your app store.




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